Empowering Women Veterans, Small Business Owners & Aspiring Entrepreneurs Virtual Conference

Unlock the secrets to starting or growing a small businesses.

Who is This For?

Becoming a Small
Business Owner

Learn how to start and grow your business while avoiding common pitfalls.

Federal Contracting Strategies

Strategically position your small business for federal contracts with insights from industry leaders.

Grant Success

Learn how EO 13985 will prepare you for federal contracting opportunities.

Guest Speaker

Marcy L. Posey.

Marcy L. Posey is an Economic Development Specialist at the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA is a government agency that offers financial assistance and support to small businesses across the United States. As an Economic Development Specialist, Marcy helps small businesses grow and succeed by providing guidance on access to capital, business development, and other key resources. She also works on initiatives to promote economic development in specific regions or industries.

Welcome to Your Next Chapter

Unlock the potential within and navigate the business world with confidence. Join us for an unparalleled virtual conference experience dedicated to empowering women veterans, small business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to grow, this event is packed with key insights and actionable strategies.

Our Mission

To provide a dynamic platform for growth, networking, and empowerment through targeted workshops, keynotes, and interactive sessions tailored to the unique needs of women in business, especially those who have served our country.

Why Attend? You want to Win

What will you get from this conference?

Global to Local Funding Opportunities

We will provide a list of grants and/or contracts spanning international, federal, state, and local levels tailored to your unique business concept and industry.

Exclusive Mentorship Opportunity

Three lucky attendees will win an entire year of one-on-one mentoring with one of our esteemed Key Speakers. This is your chance to receive personalized guidance, insights, and support.

Essential Business Templates

Fast-track your planning process with our arsenal of business templates. From Business Plans to Social Media Marketing Strategies, these templates provide a solid foundation for your business documents, saving you time and propelling you towards your goals.

Customized Business Roadmap

Say goodbye to guesswork. With our Business Roadmap, you will have a clear, step-by-step guide that outlines critical actions to navigate your business journey successfully.

GenAI Productivity Revolution

Unleash the power of Generative AI with our Guide to Using GenAI Tools like ChatGPT. Learn how to boost your productivity, streamline operations, and reduce your workload with cutting-edge AI applications.

key speakers

Launch, Grow, Succeed: A Virtual Conference for Women Veteran Entrepreneurs

Learn the vital strategies to start, expand, and achieve success for your veteran-owned business.

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